Hi there, and welcome to my website.

It feels a lifetime ago that I first branched out from the confines of the professional kitchen to the wide-open world of writing and presenting at shows and events. My work interviewing celebrities, key people of influence, and organising and chairing expert panels, has given me the opportunity to truly indulge my passions outside of cooking.

As an award-winning cookbook author, I continue to indulge my love of writing about food and beer, and creating new recipes on request.

Since my overnight switch to a whole food plant-based diet last year, I am an active advocate of the benefits this way of eating brings to health and wellbeing for all. But creating dishes that taste incredible remains top of my priorities so I’m now advising hotels and restaurants to help them introduce more plant-based options to meet the ever-growing demand for vegan food.

As well as quitting eating all animal products, I quit the booze too! This teetotal conversion has led me to focusing my ‘Beer Chef’ credentials to the burgeoning world of ‘low and no alcohol beer’.