About me

I never imagined when I embarked on a catering career thirty-something years ago that a passion for writing as well as cooking would ever have culminated in actually becoming an award-winning cookbook author and food writer, let alone public speaker, stage compere and  presenter. But it’s amazing what passion and enthusiasm can deliver. And then of course there was the fascinating foray into TV and radio.

My great passion however is talking to and engaging with a live audience. Over the years, my innate enthusiasm, and desire to inspire has enabled me to work extensively as a compere, demonstration chef and public speaker for consumer and trade events around the world. My experience on the ‘live stage’ has also given me the opportunity to interview some of the world’s leading celebrities, as well as key persons of influence from all walks of life.

Previously renowned for my work in the world of craft beer, I have now honed this to the burgeoning world of ‘zero and low alcohol’ beer as a result of my wholesale health and well-being transformation.

I am also staunch campaigner on the subject of food waste both in the UK and previously, in Australia too.

2018 has been another seminal time in my life – my personal transition into optimal health and well-being. My cooking and eating is now entirely plant-based and I now feel compelled to campaign to change hearts and minds to pursue a similar path for a healthy body, the future of our planet and the well-being of all the creatures we share it with. The results of this change for me personally have been nothing short of miraculous. This had led to a further commitment to health and well-being through a truly transformational exercise regime. I have documented this journey in my new blog www.manrejuvenated.com