Christmas Stuffing Quail Scotch Eggs

Try these full-on flavoured bad boys as an impressive, festive, crowd-pleasing winner. The quail’s egg instead of the chicken’s egg not only gives this traditional British stalwart a Spanish twist, but is great party finger food to boot.

Makes 18 scotch eggs

1 onion, finely chopped
3 rashers streaky bacon, diced
2 cloves of […]

Beyond Bread

Mini bread tart cases

Get this: UK households throw away 24 million slices of bread….EVERY DAY! So, here’s a tasty little idea for making the perfect edible vessel for transporting those salsastic leftovers from the other day from bowl to bouche.  Those cases will freeze perfectly too. So, every time you’ve […]


A combination of some brilliant fibre-based diet demos at Waitrose summer fest by the irrepressible Happy Pear, and my own work as a love food hate waste ambassador has inspired me to dig these little gems out from my recipe archive.

Serve them up with a pile […]

Smoked haddock Welsh rarebit, poached egg, bacon crumbs

When the organisers of Worcester food and drink festival asked me to do a Brunch theme for my first mid-morning demo of the day, a wonderful little back catalogue of dishes jostled for top spot around my brain like the clacking balls of the TV lottery gadget. Finally, a […]

Omelette Arnold Bennett

There’s a reason why old school classics are exactly that: they taste fantastic. I don’t think I’d cooked this up since catering college, so what a joy to do it again this last weekend at Bolsover food and drink festival. I’m delighted to report that the reactions of the good […]

Sweet wine basted chicken, apple and fennel slaw

In praise of the rotisserie barbecue attachment

There’s something slightly theatrical about food that needs to rotate slowly in order to cook.  I don’t mean in a microwave kind of way, where the heat is generated by some kind of hidden neutron particle blitzing contraption that requires a […]

Dorset Seafood Festival Recipes

Sometimes work can be a full-on, stress-inducing, head-scrambling, giant waking nightmare – like when I’ve been delayed by sub-standard transport infrastructures and forced to throw together a cooking demo mis-en-place in thirty seconds – just before knocking up a three course dinner in front of a hundred people in thirty […]

Tandoori chicken

To an impartial observer, tearing off the protective wrapping of my Broil King Keg immediately after its delivery, I must have resembled some crazed child at Christmas with arms windmilling in a blur, while plastic, cardboard and polystyrene, flew up in the air like autumn leaves caught […]

Shakshuka? I should say so!

Normally I will run a million miles from anything that smacks of a new trend, fad or fashion, which while explaining a great deal about my general appearance and wardrobe, does not explain my new found obsession with Shakshuka. Five years ago, […]

Ode to The Pub

So, there I am – a couple of years back – one of those lazy, hazy summer days before the madness and mayhem of my current life, sat in this pub with a mate just chewing the fat. You would think that all’s well with the world. Except it isn’t, […]