plant-based chef consultant

“Richard’s cuisine is just unimaginably good. He manages to combine familiar and nostalgic tastes with the new and exciting, to make a meal experience that has stayed with me ever since.”

Dr Gemma Newman AKA Plant Power Doctor

My personal transition to a 100% plant-based diet has not only motivated me to cook once again for a paying public, but also to help others capitalise on the enormous mainstream interest in a more plant-based, or flexitarian, way of eating.

My plant-based recipe development and consultancy for hospitality clients from independent cafes, 500-bedroom resort hotels, to fast food and convenience outlets has without doubt been some of the most rewarding work of my career to date, and an area that I will continue to develop and grow as the plant-based movement continues to expand exponentially.

As far as private dining, corporate events and product launches goes, the demand for the very best plant-based cuisine has never been greater. With a like-minded, expert team to hand, no job or challenge is too great. And with the added bonus of my video production side of the operation, the entire event can be brought to life for websites, social media and promotion.